Wednesday, August 18

Wild Nothing [Golden Haze EP, Captured Tracks]

A new track was released on Pitchfork's Forkcast yesterday from an artist I've been listening to a lot from lately. "Golden Haze" is the latest from Wild Nothing which will be off of his new EP titled Golden Haze off of Captured Tracks. The track picks up right where Gemini left off with Jack Tatum's soft vocals and the bands mellow sounding music. The release date has been made for September 13th (via) but the EP will be available as a 12'', CD, and as a digital download with the vinyl having 4 tracks and the CD with 6 (vinyl's 4 + 2, again via).


  1. sounds like purely some robert smith/the cure wanna-be's.

    get your kleenexes out.

  2. I loved Gemini cd...listened to it a lot this summer, and am excited that a new EP is coming out so soon. Can't Wait! (any fans of The Radio Dept. will like Wild Nothing).

  3. Nasaly vocals with shallow melody. Sorry, can't get excited about "Garage Band" produced music.