Tuesday, August 17

Gobble Gobble [Lawn Knives 7'', Royal Rhino Flying Records]

I'm pretty late about posting Gobble Gobble and as I told Cecil from the band, pretty ignorant on all things Gobble Gobble; but not anymore. After seeing this Canadian now San Franciscan band perform live last week Gobble Gobble deserve all the credit that is coming their way. Their unique and wacky music becomes an acid fest live; lights flash all over the place, the music is pulsating, people lose their minds and anything and everything that can make a noise is practically used in some way or another. I chose the following track out of the many to post because I loved it so much during their live set. "Lawn Knives" can be found from their latest 7'' while the band does have a newly pressed 12''. Ignorant no more

Both records can be found here

mp3 [via]

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