Wednesday, August 18

Fungi Girls [Sun Blues Split 7'', Psychic Lunch Records]

"Sun Blues" is the A-side on this new split 7'' from Texas' teen garage rockers Fungi Girls. This new single is the follow up to their impressive 7'' on Hozac Records and is a step forward for the band. Their sound seems to have matured a bit from their last effort; "Sun Blues" is more about making a tight and clean lo-fi garage track with cool melodies and an incredibly addictive baseline with a fantastic fuzz guitar solo to close out the track. The B-side is from Indian Wars out of Vancouver. The 7''s are limited to 300 copies on colored vinyl and can be picked up here from a fantastic new label called Psychic Lunch Records


  1. Sun Blues is a killer tune! About time! Glad it will get heard. Should have been out way before the Hozac release! Actually the Fungi Girls have way surpassed the greatness of Sun Blues with their newer material. Can't wait til they finish their second LP.

  2. I agree with this guy^^^. they've got less than a day's worth of work left, and the recordings sound great!!