Friday, December 10

Dirty Beaches [100 Highways, Daytrotter Session]

The latest Daytrotter sesh goes to Vancouver's (originally from Montreal) Dirty Beaches. Released yesterday Alex Zhang Hungtai performs four raw, lo-fi and gritty tracks which can be found from his latest LP, Badlands, on Zoo Music. The album may possibly be out around February/March which would coincide with his tour with Dum Dum Girls and Minks. Catch all three bands at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco on February 16th.

100 Highways (Pop Montreal Session)

Download the rest of the tracks here


  1. Cool blog, man. We seem to have similar interests. In fact, we blogged about the same thing today. Cheers.

  2. awesome thanks man. I checked out your site and agree, share a lot of the same interests. Stoked to see you were digging the Weekend record

  3. Heck yeah. Not my favorite--I prefer shorter songs with more focus, I guess. But it's such a great sound, and a great example of what noise rock can be. Weekend rocks.

    I gave you guys a shout-out the other day. You're doing really great work here.