Tuesday, May 11

Woodsman [Smells Like Purple, Live Clip]

This clip on The Fader features everything that makes Woodsman one of my favorite new bands. By far, they are one of the most truly artistic bands around (buying a cassette tape from them you'd know what I mean, not to mention their Polaroids) in both media of audio and visual. And like a piece of art, one can't make a quick glance to fully appreciate the beauty behind it. Listening to the first couple notes of a Woodsman track will not guarantee the true meaning or feeling behind it; they are carefully crafted and layered that one has to take the journey through their songs that seem to never end but yet give such a mind altering experience when finished.

This clip shows the band performing live which have images fading in and out throughout the shot. Being a fan of 60's psychedelica, seeing images projected over the band as they performed their song, "Smells Like Purple" gave this clip a vintage feel of an era long gone but not forgotten. The new EP comes out June 1st with a west coast tour in Autumn.

The EP can be picked up here

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