Wednesday, March 31

Washed Out / Small Black / Pictureplane / Young Prisms [Rickshaw Stop, San Francsico 03.28.2010]

Sunday consisted of a hugely anticipated trip to Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco to see some of my favorite new artists of the last year. The show was announced for Washed Out and Small Black with Pictureplane originally but then Young Prisms was soon added on as a bonus. The venue is a pretty nice place to catch a show and is easily located off of Van Ness.

Young Prisms started the gig debuting several new songs and playing a couple old ones. After an exhausting touring schedule over the last month, SXSW, and an afternoon show, the energy level seemed a bit low, possibly due to fatigue, but they still played a very enjoyable set. They also had a few copies of their new 7'' split with Small Black for sale and the vinyl sounds great.

Pictureplane came on next, a producer/electronica artist from Denver Colorado. The set was essentially a dance set; he combined an iPod, mixers and sample machines to great effect.

Small Black is from Brooklyn New York and hit the stage next after a bit of a delay. Their sound is electro rock and they are an amazing new band. Their debut 7'' is already sold out but you can still grab a copy of their self-titled EP here

Lastly was the person everyone wanted to see, Washed Out. He initially started out his set by himself playing some new songs and one track from High Life cassette release.

But what was even more impressive was when Small Black joined Washed Out and blew the roof off the place. The performance was incredible and so energetic. Both artists performed well on their own, but getting on stage together they were absolutely superb. They played mostly songs from Washed Out's Life of Leisure release and it was amazing listening to these tracks live. If you can catch a show with these two bands together I recommend catching it because it is for sure something to see.

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