Monday, October 18

Sophomore Peacock [The Transmission Project, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition]

Sophomore. Peacock Presents:
The Transmissions Project

Up now is BWAC1 (Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition) from the very first public Transmission ever! Representatives BRUNO (guitar) KAPLAN (paints) and STRNGLV (electronics) were joined by visual artists Cait McGrory and Jaime Kehoe on 2 October 2010 -- check it out below!

And stay tuned to the site, where we'll be posting every Transmission from BWAC! And if you're in the NY area, we've still got three more Transmissions coming up: October 16, 23, and 30. Head over to the official BWAC site for more information and directions.

Transmissions is an aleatoric music and visual art project founded BRUNO and KAPLAN of the Sophomore. Peacock Collective. The project is based on research on the effects of sound on consciousness, Unified Wave Theory, String Theory, Sound Healing, Chakra Balancing, and a culmination of cross-cultural mythology.

We have based the experiment around three tenets that we adhere to during live transmissions as well as for studio production. First, each tone in the 12-note chromatic scale corresponds to one of the twelve zodiacal phases. Secondly, this zodiacal cycle corresponds to the electromagnetic spectrum, where each whole note corresponds to a specific color and chakra. Lastly, the "Golden Ratio", Phi, is applied as a verifiably present function in most organic structures as well as works of graphic, musical, and narrative art.

These principles are used as a point of consciousness filtration in the acts of creation, which are first meditated and concentrated on in correspondence to the appropriate zodiacal phase, conceiving a sonic and light representative of the moment. According to C. Bruno, "The purpose of creating art this way is to align the wave lengths, or vibrations, of the artists' physical space to create harmony that transcends the works themselves and is inclusive of all organic beings and energies present."

We are all subject to subtle energies at every given moment, and what Transmissions attempts to achieve is a reciprocal transferring of this energy amongst the musicians, artists, and audience, creating art in the moment that is in itself an evolution of these very same energies.

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