Wednesday, October 20

Holy Spirits & Nathaniel Whitcomb [West Coast Tour Kickstarter]

Holy Spirits will provide the music, Nathaniel Whitcomb will provide the visuals

Several month ago I had the pleasure of posting an EP from Brooklyn based band Holy Spirits. Since that time a couple things have happened: they’ve hooked up with insanely talented visual artist Nathaniel Whitcomb who has produced two incredible videos for the band, SmokeDon’tSmoke conducted an interview as well as produced a music video for the band, and lastly the band have gotten a couple CMJ spots this year. All this is building up to their ambition as artists by wanting to spread their music as far as possible. The band is currently raising funds on their recent kickstarter project in order to generate some money to cover all the expenses that occur due to touring in order to come out to the West Coast for a couple intimate shows. For them, this is the biggest and most enthralling step they have taken and I can guarantee that what they have in store will not disappoint. See The Leaves will be hosting the San Francisco show while SmokeDon’tSmoke will handle the LA gig.

If you have yet to hear their amazing EP, go here for a free download and then go here to help out our fellow musicians embark on a journey of a lifetime. Number wise the band is halfway there and any contribution would help out tremendously.

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