Friday, August 20

Craft Spells [Party Talk 7'', Captured Tracks]

Its been a long long time coming and I can't believe I was able to keep this a secret but two days ago was the official announcement that Craft Spells had signed to Captured Tracks and will have a 7'' released on the Brooklyn label. July 31st marked my last night in my home town of Stockton and it was spent listening to the sounds of Justin and Frankie at a house show. Even as the adrenaline was at a high, they took time out to make the special announcement of a Captured Tracks deal, which is huge for Stockton (seriously, there was Pavement and then....) but what is more important is that the town with a ugly reputation has produced something beautiful and like I have said so many times, something to be proud of.


  1. Holy Moley !!!!
    This is good stuff !!!!

  2. there are a lot worse places than Stockton