Thursday, December 8

Black Star [You Already Knew]

When an artist releases a single solitary album over 10 years ago, question is do people care about that artist when they do something new? 1998 saw Black Star's self titled album drop and for me, changed Hip Hop forever. The album is an all time favorite, one that never seems to get played out and has remained a staple in my listening rotation over those last 10 years. Maybe the downfall of Rawkus Records played a role in another Black Star album never seeing light of day (their website once read "new Black Star" with the track Got Beef), and maybe that was a good thing. Both artists have seemed to gone in different paths but have come back together as if time had stayed still. I feel the timing couldn't have been any better for a new record. Released independently of any label, Black Star Aretha could be another album that injects life into a Hip Hop culture that seems to have been on a steady downwards spiral of materialistic and commercial self destruction. 

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