Monday, September 20

Expo 70 [The Vanishing World Within, Solid Melts]

The experimental record The Vanishing World Within Expo 70 has been re-released on Solid Melts and limited to 100 black cobalt tapes which can be summer up best below:

Comprised of skeletal recordings started over a year ago, finally finished. “The Vanishing World Within” presented in five phases, cultivates a body of sounds new and familiar for Expo ’70. “Phase I” is a lesson in meditation with reverberating organ drones cascades into “Phase II” where things get weird with pulsating synths and textured tonal waves of electronics, the Goblin vibe is heavy on this. “Phase III” closes side A with a heavy locked guitar riff summoning Hawkwind backed by Neu! syncopated drumming by David Williams (Sounding the Deep), looped guitar echoes intertwine layered guitar lines alongside a thick doomed-out guitar riff.

Side B opens to “Phase IV,” bringing us back to to pulsing electronics with soft haunting melodic synth parts causing cosmic reverberations that are accompanied by analog drum machine leads to “Phase V,” full of sine waves, leading into serene delicate guitar work. - Solid Melts


The cassette can be found here

Over the weekend, another new cassette was released on Solid Melts from the band Yoda's House. Their music video for "Black Friday" can be found below which is off of the Then Eats Them tape and can be found here

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