Wednesday, September 1

Sunbeam Rd [Circular Breathing Live Clip]

A couple weeks ago at the Hemlock Tavern I finally got the chance to see Sunbeam Rd perform a live set. A band I have had huge amounts of praise and respect for did not disappoint as their set was filled with everything I imagined it would be. The band were sharp and on point, the set was full of energy and they performed most of the songs from their EP perfectly. They debuted several new songs that I feel show the band harnessing and perfecting their awesome sound. When Trevor asked if I would like to film their set, I was more than happy to agree. Even though there were a few camera issues, I was able to capture "Daze Of Happiness" in its entirety and was pleased with how it came out.

Filmed with a Canon HG20 with external microphone hook up; Final Cut Pro to edit

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