Friday, February 18

Dirty Beaches [The Singer / No Fun]

A good friend of mine tuned me into Dirty Beaches early last year. He handed me a tape from the Night People label and told me to put it on and just listen. I was instantly hooked on Alex Zhang Hungtai's minimalist yet intriguing style of music and immediately went and ordered the tapes. Since that time I have blogged pretty much anything Hungtai puts out.  After listening to his new record Badlands (Zoo Music) several times and seeing him perform an excellent gig the other night, this is one artist not to sleep on. Even with a full length record complete he hasn't stopped just yet. The below two tracks are covers from separate split 7''s that be released over the next couple months. 

The first, "The Singer" is a Johnny Cash cover and will be released on Soft Power with Prendergast on the flip.

The second is a Stooges cover called "No Fun" and this one can be found on Italien Beach Babes in March.

The Singer (Johnny Cash cover)

No Fun (The Stooges cover)

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