Monday, November 29

Event: Phantom Kicks / Sunbeam Rd / The Actors [Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco 12.01.2010]

My good friends at Ears of the Beholder and Kata Rokkar will be presenting the above show in San Francisco at the Rickshaw Stop on December 01 2010 with some of my favorite young local bands performing that night. Below for details

Phantom Kicks, which emerged from the ashes of SF indie band Raised By Robots, have been playing around the Bay Area for the past year and have already garnered some local attention prior to their debut EP release, due out in January. The Actors are a recent addition to the SF music scene, though they've already toured California and the Southwest, and played Brooklyn, NY's esteemed Glasslands Gallery. Defying indie blogwave convention, all of The Actors' electro-tinged songs are played live by hand - no programming, loops or Ableton anywhere. Their recent EP, "High and Low," is rooted in melody, emotion and tunefulness. Sunbeam Rd. make up songs with guitars and drums and bass and their voices. They play shows around town and recorded an EP and have a single coming out soon. They're also working hard on their communication skills as a band.

"Fusing electronic concepts with the looped and layered melodic tendencies of post-rock, the Phantom Kicks have created a soothing and fascinatingly intricate soundscape." - The Deli Magazine

"At its core, the music is powered by an arsenal of beats, waves and cloud soft atmospherics. Against that light lo-fi background, every song sounds dense and interesting. But it’s their skill with experimentation into solidly structured and appealing tunes that makes the Phantom Kicks special." - Kata Rokkar

"What makes [The Actors' "High and Low EP"] a bit different is the depth of the record. The vocal melodies are wonderfully structured while the vast variety of keyboard and basslines are layered dance party not to miss." - See The Leaves

"It’s hard not to love this heavy synth retro-pop. Awesome stuff..." - smokeDONTsmoke

"Entrancingly spaced-out song structures and whiffs of reverb and fuzz mingle with three-part vocals that at times harmonize with startling talkiness and dissonance. The noisy parts feel like they truly belong, the minimalist parts really do haunt, and several songs ramble with a charming, jacked-up pop sensibility." --SF Weekly

"Some thick guitar distortion makes the track “Burial” enjoyably menacing, and “House Boats” works as a desolate, reverb-drenched piece of blissrock. “Waves”: A personal standout and one of the sweetest songs to creep into my ear all week." - Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop

Tickets for the show can be found here

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