Friday, April 8

Jacuzzi Boys [Your Flags, Bruise Cruise 7'']

Last month saw what I believe to be the first ever "Bruise Cruise" which consisted on bands like Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Black Lips, Vivian Girls etc all trapped on a boat for three days. The event brought many a conflicting opinion about it but what the event also brought was a series of split 7'' records from the participants of the trip. A total of 4 splits were given out to the patrons who paid money to attend this and those the copies that were left over were sent out to be sold as collector items. But more importantly in regards to this post is the track contributed by Jacuzzi Boys. The song "Your Flags" is a strong indication of what these guys will have in store on their next studio album. The song's sound is more dynamic and cohesive, but then again Jacuzzi Boys have been sounding better and better which each new single that they have released since their spectacular debut.



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