Tuesday, June 1

Houses [Endless Spring, Lefse Records]

Houses is a new band out of Chicago but one can say that the music is influenced by the life style they had over in Hawaii. I've been a huge fan of their single "Endless Spring" and like their stay in Papaikou, it is peaceful as it is beautiful, where by closing the eyes one can imagine waves crashing against shoreline being completely surrounded by nature. As I've learned more about Houses I have just been amazed and very intrigued as to how they got to where they are now. In their own words:

"...We moved out to a little cabin in Papaikou, Hawaii. It's a pretty remote place outside of Hilo (i.e no plumbing/electricity/gas). We worked for meals during the day cultivating indigenous micro-organisms and learning the basics of sustainable living. We drank showered and cooked with rain water. It was a beautifully simple experience. In our downtime, she would paint and I would record. We'd have to light candles in an effort to save solar power to keep my computer running. We inspired each other a lot out there, and I think it shows on the album..."

The band is currently signed to Lefse Records and their debut album will be released late Summer early Fall called All Night.

More about Houses can be found here

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