Tuesday, October 12

Gauntlet Hair [Out, Don't..., Mexican Summer]

Debuted on GorillavsBear this morning, Gauntlet Hair will be having a second 7'' release out soon (release date still unknown) on Mexican Summer

The duo of Andy R. and Craig Nice makes up Denver, CO’s Gauntlet Hair, but the gravity of the situation they create goes deeper than that. Both men are part of the Rhinoceropolis house in the city, and have sparked a musical movement that’s already gotten some dap via electronic artist Pictureplane. Gauntlet Hair divides the dance beats with an icy spell of post-punk and chilly, urbane vocals, but keep the rhythm up front and the aural violence at tense levels. Imagine the gorgeous gents of Duran Duran dressing up as Liars and showing up to the beardo mountain Brooklyn commune to pants the guys in Yeasayer, and you’re a bit on course to defining the heavy space hits and body-moving apocalypse grooves they dumpster-dine on every night - Mexican Summer

Gauntlet Hair go on tour with Woodsman this Fall, see below tour dates (NSFW)


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  1. Great post! But what's even better is the promotional ad for their NW tour dates. I hope I'll see you at the Mama Buzz show, if I'm not able to make it to Milk.