Thursday, September 16

Roman Ruins [PASTOR/AL 7'', Gold Robot Records]

For anyone who got the chance to see Beach House this year live would have noticed the obvious addition of another band member, Graham Hill. Whether or not he stays with the band for recording remains to be seen but I really appreciated getting to listen to a live drum kit during the set. Either way Hill is keeping busy with Papercuts, The Parish (plus several other bands) and now the release of a new solo 7'' from Gold Robot Records. This record probably would have went right on by if it wasn't for his genius plan to remix and release my favorite Teen Dream track "Lover Of Mine" to grab the attention of the public. The move payed off; I was drawn in, loved the remix and liked the track off the 45. The song is not a reflection of his Papercuts or Beach House gigs, the music is all electronic and heavily synthed.

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