Thursday, August 26

Andrew Cedarmark [Moon Delux, Underwater Peoples Records]

Over the last couple days two tracks from former Titus Andronicus memeber Andrew Cedarmark have popped up on Pitchfork and my mailbox. "Hard Livin'" premiered here where Larry Fitzmaurice of Pitchfork was full of praise and made the clear distinction between Cedarmark's Andronicus stint and his latest endeavor. This new track "Moon Delux" shows the musical diversity that Cedarmark is capable of and will hopefully represent itself on his solo release of the same name released on September 14th on Underwater Peoples Records. What I loved about the song was the introduction and the wailing guitar that pops up throughout the entire song; the music flows on by until the wind chimes indicate that its over. This track is more instrumental than "Hard Livin'" but Cedarmark's ability as a musician is in full force.

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