Thursday, August 26

Lay Bac [Stay Out Tonight, Orchid Tapes]

Ever since Washed Out really broke out and got the movement towards DIY electronic chill vibes music going there have many many artists that soon followed. Some imitators and some really taking the genre and putting there own kind of spin on it, and some capturing the essence of chilled out music. Blackbird Blackbird, Houses, Teen Daze, Craft Spells, Gobble Gobble, and Com Truise just to name only but a few have really taken electronic music to new heights and have helped make the genre/sub-genre/sub-sub-genre distinct. Today I got a couple songs sent over from Austin's Lay Bac and will happily add his name to the above shortlist. His music is chilled electronic but there is something different to his sound. The single "Stay Out Tonight" is a throwback to the days of disco and R&B mashed up into a track with echoed vocals that carry's one through the pure grooves.

Check out a free 10-track album here

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