Monday, July 19

The Super Vacations [ Guacamole CS, 5nakefork Records]

Phil from 5nakefork Records sent over The Guacamole cassette from the Super Vacations and I couldn't be more happy with it. The tape is a collection of psychedelic pop songs, most of them under 2 minutes, which include tracks from their latest LP (Thicker Milk) as well as contributions from several OOP releases, the Henry 7'' and their first full length release. The first track of 11 song compilation starts off like an old 60's radio program and has an in-studio or live feel to it. The tape will surely satisfy the nostalgia of retro psychedelia as well as any fan of Super Vacations looking for some out of print material. The packaging for the tape is quite stunning with the artwork done by the band's Roberto Ulsh.

The tape can be picked up here.

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