Friday, July 23

Ian Perlman Collection I

I am very proud to announce a collaboration between See The Leaves and master photographer and cinematographer Ian Perlman. Lately his work has been all over the blogsphere with Woodsman, Wild Nothing and Twin Sister, but Ian has been doing this for quite some time now. The weapon of choice is the legendary T2i Canon with the magical 50 mm lens. But what is unique to what most photographers are using is his insistence on taking the video and stills with the original 50 mm lens from his grandfather's AE 35 mm SLR that he inherited. This creates a challenge to take the best possible picture due to none of the luxuries of modern technology but it allows him to have the most manual control over his imagery and art. Every week or so, I will be posting a series of still photos from Ian as he captures musicians make the music we all love. The passion he has for what he does is apparent in all his works but the love and sentiment he has for his grandpa is what makes them stand out. The full set of photographs can be found here on his Tumblr site and his catalog of video work can be found here.

Harlem - Coney Island, Brooklyn
July 17th 2010

Why? - Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn
July 11th 2010

Holy Fuck - Coney Island, Brooklyn
July 17th 2010

The Murder City Devils - Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn
July 18th 2010

Fang Island - Williamsburg Waterfront, Brooklyn
July 11th 2010

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