Tuesday, July 20

Gem Trails [See Colors, Fire Talk Records]

Gem Trails is the new side project from Woodsman lead, Trevor Peterson. The new band has the essence of Woodsman, mostly because of the faint vocals and psychedelicness of the track (close your eyes while listening and see where your mind takes you), but there is a clear distinction between the two bands. So far from the demo version of the track, "See Colors" it is a fairly lengthy song with a slow build and has a more minimalist approach to it. There is no hint of guitar or drums, but keyboards and sound effects which loop and blend together seamlessly like two colors colliding in water. Needless to say, this is a very interesting song and project and it is easy to lose yourself in it (I mean it, close your eyes and see what happens). Gem Trails played their first show a few days ago on July 14th in Boulder, CO.

The song can be found here

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