Friday, July 16

Craft Spells [You Should Close The Door 7'', Bataille Records]

Sometimes one does not have to look very far to find the best things in life. Most times, those joys and pleasures are right under the nose; one just needs to know where to look. Being a Stockton native, I was not very thrilled with the music scene here. For a town that could be called home for idols such as Pavement and Dave Brubeck, I had pretty much given up hope with finding anything of substance. Then comes Craft Spells, a duo from my backyard who make music that is so varied it is hard to group them into a single genre. Some tracks are electro rock with heavy beats over synth melodies; others are more shoegazing pop songs. Needless to say, Stockton has another band to get excited about. "You Should Close The Door" will be released as a 7'' single on Canada's Bataille Records within the next couple months as well as full length record which is still in progress.

You Should Close The Door

The Fog Rose High

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