Friday, April 16

The Dead Weather [The Fillmore, San Francisco 04.15.2010]

Another evening at the historic Fillmore theater, this night's show was another Jack White band, The Dead Weather. The set began with "60 Feet Tall," probably my favorite song of theirs and then followed that with more songs from their first album. But soon enough, new tracks from the new album to be released in May began. The songs are heavier and have a more blues influence than Horehound; "Die By The Drip" just sounds better live.

Allison Mosshart is an insane singer, whos energy is un-relentless. She is all over the stage, swinging her hips to White's drum playing to soon balancing on speakers, making her small frame tower over the audience. It seems to me as if White gets the best out of Dean Fertita at each show. He goes between guitar and keyboards like a mad man and never misses a beat and Jack Lawrence is an amazing bass player who talent just can not be replaced.

And what can be said of Jack White that has not already been said. He is a showman of the highest caliber. From the outfits his roadies wear, the lighting of the show, to the matching instruments his band mates have, he knows how to put on a performance. He did that tonight leading from the back. He sang on several of the songs, performed a few by himself, played lead guitar on two of them and truly lit up the crowd. The Dead Weather may not be my favorite band but the opportunity the see Jack White perform at any occasion is worth the time.


  1. Thank you for the video and pictures!

  2. Yes! I agree! I was the girl right in front of you screaming and jumping up and down at this show! I think Jack is insanely good. Words cannot say just how amazing he is. And Allison is incredible as well. She has such amazing presence on stage. And Dean is a maniac (in a good way). LJ is also amazing! I completely agree with Jack when he said that LJ was the best bassist ever! Altogether the show was one of the best nights of my life!!! And thank you for posting the videos, and the amazing photos!

  3. It was a treat getting some guitar solo and two songs from him that night. I'm a huge fan of both Jack and Allison, but yeah LJ is an incredible bassist. I loved how the photos came out, I didn't need to edit or photoshop them, the way the lighting was gave them that effect