Saturday, April 17

Hot Chip / The XX [Fox Theater, Oakland 04.16.2010]

The XX opened for Hot Chip Thursday night and since their album came out late last year, a lot had been said about their live performances. I had seen a couple clips on the pitchfork website and was looking forward to seeing them for the first time. I was very impressed by their stage presence; it was not anything amateur. They were calm and collected; they played their songs very well and in a way as if they had been performing for years. Most opening acts do not really draw overly large crowds, but The XX had the place full. Everyone wanted to see this band play.

After the 35-40 minute set was over there was a huge ovation and a call for an encore! I have never seen that before, but I was right there with everyone else; I wanted to hear more from this band. There is something about these young musicians that hits something in people. It is either the music or the lyrics that connects with the listener, but whatever it is, it’s highly addicting.

After the roadies got booed for removing The XX set Hot Chip came on and turned the theater into a giant dance party. In a sea of people, some with green glow sticks wrapped around their heads, the sound of heavy beats and bass just got you moving. The music was pulsating and full of energy. Most of the set was dominated by tracks off the new album but they sprinkled in some oldies throughout the set.

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