Friday, July 22

Surf Club [It's True]

Surf Club is the fresh new band formed by Frankie Soto after he had to stay behind in Stockton, California once Craft Spells relocated to Seattle.  "It's True" is the first single to be officially released by the group. From the sound of the track it is apparent that Soto has moved on in a different direction from the electro pop of his former duties. If it wasn't already apparent from the title of the group, the music is heavy on catchy beach rock tunes. Seeing these guys live last week for the first time I was impressed by how solid they were; hardly a flaw could be found as they sounded tight and got the crowd moving in some sweaty garage in the middle of Stockton. The EP has been mastered (by non other than Justin of Craft Spells) and will be ready soon for digital release. 

It's True

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