Friday, July 1

Dead Prez [Dead Man Shoes]

I would have to agree with WOUHH on this point; its been hard to follow Dead Prez these last several years, even though they have always maintained their socially conscious and politically charged music. Lets Get Free was a masterpiece; a musical and lyrical journey of epic proportions that hails as one of my favorite albums of all time. Yet their follow up projects just never seemed to reach me as deep as the debut. But as with all my Hip Hop heroes I never wrote them off. At any moment they can create something that blows me away as does this new reggae/dub jam. There has been word of an album to be released sometime this year, but no date has been set. Whether this single sees the duo dive into experimentation on their next project or a single released for a compilation remains to be seen. Dead Prez are on point with "Dead Man Shoes" and I for one am looking forward to whats next.


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