Tuesday, April 20

The Liminanas [I'm Dead, Hozac Records]

My order from Hozac Records came in today and I couldn't stop playing the Liminanas 7''. This French band play some awesome and addicting garage pop. Side A, I'm Dead is a pop song that has a retro feel, reminiscent of the late 60's, early 70's. Side B, Migas 2000 has a more garage sound with French lyrics.

I'm Dead

The Hozac 7'' can be picked up here
Trouble in Mind 7'' can be picked up here


  1. Thanks so much for posting / sharing. Just discovered them, but this tune doesn't appear on their new album. Thanks again.

  2. Your Welcome. The track is strictly unique to this 7'' on Hozac. They recorded all new tracks for their debut on Trouble In Mind