Thursday, October 28

Levek [Look On The Bright Side b/w Slow 7'', Father/Daughter Records]

It's been a long time coming but Florida's Levek is finally getting a release on Father/Daughter Records. Since the inception of this fantastic label, Levek has been on their radar and as that old saying goes, good things do come to those who wait, no matter how hard it may be to follow such simple advice. Levek is David Levesque who has made some rounds around the blogosphere with his covers for Dirty Projectors and Grizzly Bear. His style is fairly diverse and delivers something out of the ordinary. For me, having visited Florida many times, its not surprising to me "Look On The Bright Side" sounds the way it does. A bit tropical but psychedelic, a bit afrobeat but pop all at the same time but definitely something worth checking out.

The debut single will be limited to 400 copies on red vinyl and will be released November 16th. Pick it up here as this will also be accompanied by a digital download bundle featuring the two tracks from the single as well as three other songs and of course those amazing Father/Daughter buttons

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  1. Colin Caulfield (Young Man) is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/drummer/does it all with beautiful vocals who just put out an epic EP. If you're into Levek, you'll love this, check out the video: