Monday, September 27

Sophomore Peacock [The Electrician Contemplates Suicide Upon the Precipice of the Waterfall]

My love for 60's psychedelia continues to grow the more I dig around old record shops to find long lost records or stumble upon some obscure artist that blows me away. And even though the 60's are long gone, the influence is obviously still present. What makes the current times so exciting is finding a band that recreates that sound and captures the moment both musically and visually. Learning about Sophomore Peacock has been a true pleasure the more I hear their music and get a hold of new songs. The band is based out of Colonia New Jersey with the below track to be released on the band's first full album (so far the releases date is unknown). A couple EPs and several songs can be found here with "Improvisation 8.2" a definite highlight among many others.

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