Monday, August 16

Mellows [It's In The Stones / Ghostriding 7'', Royal Rhino Flying Records]

Cory of Kohwi sent over the tracks off of the new 7'' release from his band Mellows. While Cory plays drums in the band, the music still has many electronic components to it such as a drum machines and 8-bit Nintendo melodies and sound effects dispersed throughout the tracks (keeping true to the bands roots consisting of a Gamboy and guitar). These are three excellent experimental indie tracks which were all self-recorded and self-produced and will be made available here on August 21st.

The record can be downloaded for free here

Mellows Tour
Aug 21 - Party Expo [w/ Lost Boy, Ivana XL, Food Stamps] - Brooklyn, NY
Aug 22 - Don Pedro's [w/ Lost Boy + others] - Brooklyn, NY
Aug 23 - Tommy's Place - Providence, RI
Aug 24 - P.A.'s Lounge - Boston, MA
Aug 25 - Casablanca Hookah - Fairfield, CT
Aug 26 - Ace of Clubs - New York, NY
Aug 28 - Toad's Place - New Haven, CT
Aug 29 - Houseasaurus Co-op - State College, PA
Aug 30 - The Future - Youngstown, OH
Sept 1 - Savoy - Ypsilanti, MI

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