Monday, August 9

Blackbird Blackbird [Forest Castles / Camera Talk (Blackbird Blackbird Remix) ]

I'm starting to think that Mikey of Blackbird Blackbird never sleeps; there seems to be new songs every few days or so and I am having trouble keeping up. Since my first post mentioning his first 7'' split with PaoPao on Double Denim Records, that vinyl is now currently available, his debut LP Summer Heart can be purchased as a digital download with a physical release coming out soon, a rarities EP (which will be made for free) and countless number of remixes and projects that my head has exploded trying to keep things straight. But what makes Blackbird Blackbird spectacular is that the music never sounds stale or recycled. Each new track sounds fresh and his remixes are really well done. I'm just amazed by this guy's ability and drive to make music. Forest Castles is off of the Summer Heart LP while "Camera Talk" remix was completed and sent over the weekend.

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