Monday, June 14

Sunbeam Rd [Turtles, Magnets, Animals EP]

Sunbeam Rd is a new band out of San Francisco that I recently found and was into the two songs they had posted on their myspace page. Little did I know that trying to pick a song to post from their cassette EP would be such a difficult task. The five tracks are all pretty solid with four out of the five breaking the five minute mark. The track "Grue" starts off very feint, slowly picking up volume as well as pace. Drums soon thunder in followed by the baseline and the song takes begins to take shape. The track "Waves" is another highlight from the EP. The band will be playing at the Hemlock Tavern this Tuesday for their record release. The way their songs are structured there is a lot of potential for them to improvise and make the live set shine.

The cassette can be picked up here

The band can be found here

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