Tuesday, June 8

Blackbird Blackbird [Sunspray, Let's Move On Together, Arcade Sounds Ltd.]

In keeping with Washed Out's tradition of making danceable, dreamy, synthed, pop music San Francisco's Blackbird Blackbird is keeping the momentum going. The track "Sunspray" is just that; a song with beautiful vocals interlaced over catchy and layered melodies and rhythms causing one to instinctively press the replay button. Blackbird Blackbird recently did a remix of a Twin Sister track called "Lady Daydream" which can be downloaded here, along with several other tracks and remixes. Sunspray is from an upcoming EP called Let's Move On Together and should be available in July or August off Arcade Sounds Ltd.

Hawaii (New song posted last night)

Four tracks from the Lets Move On Together EP can be found here
The first EP Happy High can be found here and downloaded for free

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