Monday, March 1

That Ghost / The Baths / Odawas [NOISEPOP, Bender's Bar Happy Hour]

Every evening during Noisepop, Bender's Bar on South Van Ness offered a free show during their happy hour. The spot is a pretty chill place to grab a beer, play some pool and get a meal (Cajun chicken sandwich and tots, can't get any better than that). They have a small stage located around the corner from the bar and it seems like there is no real bad view in the place.

The first band to perform was That Ghost from Sonoma and there was some hype surrounding them. I simply was not impressed at all by the band; showing up and hour or so late was not a great way to make a fan out of me. The singer seemed lazy; there was no tone or excitement in his voice and was very flat. There was no passion in the performance, they seemed to just play their songs and while the music was fine the 30 minute set was pretty boring.

The next band on the other hand was much more pleasurable to listen to. The Baths, is another band from the San Francisco garage-psych scene (which is dominating my playlists at this point) and seemed to bring the crowd. The bar was now packed and I was able to get up front before I lost my spot. The lyrics are dark the music is raw and The Baths are awesome. With only a 7'' release under their belts they played song after song with unrelenting guitar freakout and energy. This is a band on the rise so keep an eye out.

The last band to play was a group out of Berkeley California called Odawas and were more mellow than the first two bands. Brooklyn Vegan, who sponsored the show, was very excited to have this band playing and for good reason. They played psyched out folk music with ambient piano melodies in the background with beautiful guitar strumming in the foreground. They played a very relaxed and enjoyable set which was needed after The Bath's crazy performance.


The Baths


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