Thursday, January 21

Sonic Youth at the Fillmore

Here's my review for the Jan. 10 Sonic Youth concert at the Fillmore. Sic Alps, a local San Francisco band, were the openers and did a great job of representing the noise / garage rock genre, along with Sonic Youth.

I'm a fairly recent Sonic Youth listener, even though they've been around for decades. Seeing them live solidified why they've been successful for so long and will certainly propel me into exploring more of their earlier albums.

Recently, I have been attending shows put on by some very well-established artists, in spite of my [usual] lack of knowledge about them and their music. I have yet to be disappointed by any of these experiences; in fact, they have only made me more aware of great music from the past and spurred me to look forward not only to the future of music, but to reflect on the past artists who have paved the way for that future.

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