Wednesday, September 15

Deerhunter [Helicopter (Star Slinger Remix]]

I've been waiting patiently for a new Deerhunter album since Microcastle was released and I completely digested each song. What Bradford Cox brings to each project he works on, whether it be his main act Deerhunter or his solo work as Atlas Sound, is always something special and beyond any expectation. So with the release of a couple new tracks (Revival and Helicopter) from the highly anticipated album Halcyon Digest with a new video for the latter, I'm in completer Deerhunter mode at this point. Thus adding to the excitement was yet another remix from the illwaving master Star Slinger, this time putting his touch on the more recent single "Helicopter" The track is a little faster in pace than the original with heavier basslines and a higher pitch-sounding Bradford Cox. Darren still kept many of the songs original elements intact but for me its the chorus that grabbed my attention. His collection of remixes is still available here for free download

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  1. Wow, that is by far the best Deerhunter remix I've ever heared, and quite touching considering its instrumental hip-hop feel