Tuesday, March 1

See The Leaves Presents [Pheetography]

Pheetography is a new project that I came about doing by pure accident. Over the last year or so I have amassed an enormous amount of concert photography in the San Francisco/Bay Area; 1000's of still photographs of my favorite artists performing the songs I love. But in doing so I came across some early shots that captured my attention. I'm not too sure how it happened, maybe I was trying to get the musicians pedals. The image that resulted was that of Ducktails' brown low tops surrounded by a sea of cords, pedals and instruments. It may seem like a funny subject to capture, a musicians feet and all, but after continuing on with this strange concept these photos have become some of my favorites.

Pheetography is a site I decided to launch to showcase some of these shots. This time around though, I am not keeping the site to myself. I hope this new site can involve viewer participation and encourage anyone to snap a photo of their favorite artists' choice of footwear and send it over. So follow on tumblr and I look forward to seeing what you all can do and how creative this site can truly be.

send pheetography to: pheetography@gmail.com  

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