Tuesday, January 25

Event: Religious Girls / Spiro Agnew / The Actors / Thralls [Public Works, San Francisco 01.26.2011]

Facebook RSVP / more info: http://on.fb.me/dMyB3M

Religious Girls have big plans for the new year, playing an entirely new set, putting their last release, Open Your Heart to Fantasy (2009) to the test, they have 2 releases and 2 US tours planned for 2011. As a newly formatted 3 piece, they are playing some of their most intricate and progressive material yet, while still maintaining the live energy and power for which they have become so well known. Collectively, the band has tried to push aside the standards of popular song writing with non-repeating structures, an intricate mathematical style, and a carefully laid out set in which all songs are inter weaved into one.

"Oakland’s Religious Girls are a three piece: a keyboard player, a drummer, and a gent who does both, all shouting wordlessly together. They have an intensely primal sound, and a vicious playing style. These guys are a must-see. A fellow concertgoer simply said to me “These guys are loud. Like, really loud.” A great compliment." - The Bay Bridged

"Religious Girls took the rhythmic pounding of HEALTH and the tropical loveliness of High Places and made it their own, a completely new sound that was as beautiful as it was harsh and brutal. I opened my eyes to see people holding their arms and hands out as if they were having a religious experience...They were absolutely fucking terrific." - KEXP 90.3 FM, Seattle

The Actors have appeared quickly on the SF music scene within the last 6 months, playing Rickshaw Stop and Bottom of the Hill on the heels of their first US mini-tour, as well as making The Bay Bridged list of the Best Bay Area Songs of 2010. Defying indie blogwave convention, all of The Actors' electro-tinged songs are played live by hand - no programming, loops or Ableton anywhere. Their recent EP, "High and Low," is rooted in melody, emotion and tunefulness. 
"Almost as if they are actively trying to conquer the West Coast music blogosphere, The Actors combine every aspect of pure catchiness, tight structure, and reverb soaked tracks that the current modern music nerd is starving for...The Actors are viciously original and worth your listening time. Darkly fun music like this doesn’t come around this often, at least not this honest." - Kata Rokkar
"With a capacious synth-pop sound reminiscent of a fusion between Band of Horses and MGMT, The Actors filled the spaces between people with their reverb-laden songs. Comprised of three exceptionally talented musicians (two of whom continually switch between instruments throughout the set) The Actors steadily built a captivating groove so that by the time they got to the most powerful song of the set, the whole room had broken out in dance." - The Deli SF

Thralls explore the surreal sound between shoegaze and psychedelic rock, championing heavy grooves, reverberating vocals, and jazzy interplay. Garnering praise in the blogosphere from No Modest Bear, Ashtapes, and See the Leaves for their original and seductive vibe, Thralls have built their reputation in San Francisco playing venues like the Hemlock Tavern. The four-piece is fresh from a split 7” release on local label 20 Sided Records.
"Grunge-gaze guitars and cavernous psych-tinged vocals, cerebral rhythms and a healthy respect for sonic pioneers. These songs are drawn from the dreamlike sounds of West Coast experimental rock ‘n’ roll and blasted through fuzz and reverb." - Insomnia Radio

Spiro Agnew is an exploration of noise and feedback-heavy music, grounded with a foundation in electronica, not unlike a fusion of The Jesus and Mary Chain and New Order. Written and recorded over the course of 2010 by songwriter Alex Musto, Spiro Agnew's debut album "OH What Model Citizens We Be" might well be heard as a meditation on love, politics, and the friction between. Juxtaposing heavily distorted noise-guitar with tender synthesizer tones, "OH What Model Citizens We Be" begs a close ear to dissect the layers of sound, while daring hips not to shake to the beat.
"The crunchy guitars and magnetic riffs make you want to listen over and over again. I’ve explained Spiro Agnew by comparing them to many different bands, but I’ve still just scratched the edges of the sound they are making." - Rough Sketch Magazine

Religious Girls - E.S.L.

The Actors - First Date

Thralls - Pomegranates

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