Thursday, December 9

Pigeons [Race, Soft Abuse]

"Race" is the second track from Bronx duo Pigeons' third studio album and second LP released this year (Si Faustine was released earlier this year on OESP).
Liasons finds the band in the midst of an enormous creative leap; the psychedelic chanson moves of previous releases now cohabit with spacious westcoast art-blues & wistful cosmic folk tunes, casually invoking Catherine Ribeiro, Brigitte Fontaine, Grim and Opal. Pigeons’ singular approach to structure, arrangements & production techniques - mirrored by the disruptive spelling of Liasons – culminate with Wednesday Knudsen and Clark Griffin lacing their songs with flute, saxophone, echo, drum machines and languid guitar lines - Soft Abuse

The album can be picked up here on Soft Abuse as well as a couple other 7'' singles


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