Tuesday, November 23

Mountainhood [The Boat Maker's Daughter, Blackburn Recordings]

Jonathan from Blackburn Recordings was kind enough to send over a couple tracks from the label's latest release.  The album is called The Boat Maker's Daughter and was recorded by Mountainhood who hails from Aptos CA (a bit East of Santa Cruz on the scenic Highway 1).    

The Boat-Maker's Daughter is a record about transition and transformation. It is an expression of total breakage from all prior forms of thought and action--your parents, your government, your faith--and blazing a new path through doomsday to the other side. The songs range from the quiet, fragile, and distant "Geodesic Dome, Oregon" to the anthemic folk sing-along of "Jaine," one of the most accessible songs in the Mountainhood catalog. With The Boat-Maker’s Daughter, Mountainhood has transformed and shed much of the tape hiss that defined his earlier recordings, and let these very special songs of rapture shine through. This is not only a singular release for Hilde, but for the entire psych-folk genre. Poster designed by Hilde included - Blackburn Recordings

The record contains 7 wonderfully crafted folk tracks and is limited to 500 copies and can be picked up here and don't forget to get your copy of the Various Deficiencies compilation featuring artists like Cloud Nothing and Big Troubles.


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