Tuesday, October 5

Spectre Folk [Burning Bridge, Arbitrary Signs]

Over the summer I went a bit early to Big Sur, California to attend the spectacle in the woods that was Woodsist Fest and by doing so I was able to catch Magic Markers drummer Pete Nolan's side project Spectre Folk perform a set before the festival even began (turns out they were a very last minute addition). As I sat three rows over from Jeremy Earl sipping on brew as he nodded his head to the psychedelic sounds I began to listen more intently and soon I was in syc with Earl. Needless to say I've been a huge fan since that Saturday in June and was very happy to see the band mentioned on Altered Zones yesterday. The track featured can be found off of the Compass, Blanket, Lantern, Mojo LP released in 2009. The video below was featured on The Fader was filmed by photographer Pax Paloscia.

The album as well as all other releases from Spectre Folk can be found here

mp3 [via]

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