Wednesday, September 8

Wampire [Wampire, High Scores and Records]

This post is already outdated even as I write seeing that the album came out last October, but sometimes my ignorance is bliss as the existence of Wampire became known to me last week. The Portland trio put on a show that I will not soon forget and have been playing their self-titled album over the last couple days. While the band describes themselves as a cross between visual, trash ("Hyphy Shred") and trance ("Wooby Dooby") this genre altering band also infuse elegant pop songs ("Orchards") throughout the record which gives a sense of completeness to the wild experience this album will take one on. The album also features an an excellent cover of Kraftwerk's "Das Modell" which rounds off the disc before it slips off into electronic noise.

The album can be found here

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