Tuesday, September 21

Erik Sumo Band [Disco In My Head, Le Pop]

Erik Sumo Band 7 band member pop group based out of Budapest Hungary. The catchy dance pop tune "Disco In My Head" is the first single off of the band's latest album The Trouble Soup on German label Le Pop, the follow up to 2005's My Rocky Mountain (which didn't include quite so many members). The songs are all sung in English by both Ambrus Tövisházi and Veronica Harcsa with some occasional gibberish created by one of the band members and a lot less electronic than their last outing. Not too sure whether the release is available state side but the album is out across Europe and digitally here. On the band's page several remixes of "Disco In My Head" can be found here. The music video for the track can be found below.

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