Wednesday, April 14

Spoon / Deerhunter / Micachu and the Shapes [Fox Theater, Oakland 04.13.2010]

It was another visit to Oakland and back to the Fox Theater. This occasion was to see Deerhunter even though the headliners were Spoon, and yes, the Spoon fans I met that night did find it a bit strange but I assured them it was well worth it. And in a sense Deerhunter proved me right during their set later that night.

It first started off with Micachu and the Shapes who's album last year was part of Pitchfork's albums of 2009. There music is out of tune and sporadic and will use anything as an instrument (the percussionist finished off her beer then used it for her rhythm section, next to an empty wine bottle) but that is what grasps people's attention.

On to the band I was here to see, and like I said above, much to the bewilderment to some of the Spoon fans I met that night. I knew what Deerhunter was capable of so I just let them prove me right; that it wasn't a strange choice to be in attendance for the second opening act. What happened last night went far beyond anything I could have hoped for. They played several new songs intermixed with some old ones off of Microcastle.

But what struck me as to how good this band is was when they took the song "Nothing Ever Happens" and turned into a 10+ minute psyched out jam session which light up and blew up the theater. All eyes were now on Bradford Cox and his band mates. They slowed it down only to bring on some members of Spoon to finish off the set with a 12 minute song about friends, Cox crowd surfing and all. I was just hoping for 35-40 minutes but I got an hour, totally worth the money in itself.

Lastly was Spoon, the band everyone else was here to see. They started the set with a couple songs from their latest album and then went through their massive catalog of hits. This was my first live exposure to the band and I was not really blown away by them but I felt they played solid indie rock music. Towards the near end, Bradford came back on the stage to share a song with his good friends (I guess there was a theme here). Over all an excellent and more satisfying show to go to than the MGMT thing that was going on over at the Fillmore.

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