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Young Prisms.Woodsman.Weekend, Hemlock Tavern January 08 2010

This was my first time attending the Hemlock Tavern ( for a show. The place is a fairly nice bar to get a drink but what is more impressive is the live shows they book. Every night something is going on at this place and they are bringing in a lot of up and coming and local acts performing. There is no entry fee to get into the bar but the shows have a fairly cheap cover to enjoy some excellent music. This show was a showcase in San Francisco psychedelica. Three of the four bands that performed were from the SF area with a very special guest from Denver Colorado, Woodsman.

The show began a little before 10 with Weekend kicking things off. They had a more upbeat punk sound but the vocalist did use a lot of vocal wailing throughout the songs. They have a 10'' coming out on Mexican Summer in January ( Next was Woodsman who played for 20+ minutes without stop. The song was charged with passion; at times mellow and down tempo then a total freakout. A definite band to watch out for and catch a gig if possible. Young Prisms was up soon after, a band I was very excited to see. According to the crowds reaction and the flashing lights, they are very popular in the SF/bay area and for good reason. The band is energetic and the music will get you moving. They performed sublimely and I will most likely be seeing them again. I unfortunately and sadly decided to head out before Dominant Legs went on, I had a 30 minute walk back to Fillmore, so I was not able to experience the duo. Hopefully I can catch them again in the future because they seem like a very interesting band to see.



Young Prisms

Merch Table

Woodsman cassette with a couple songs off an upcoming EP to be released later in the year

Woodsman "Collages" album released on Mexican Summer; limited to 500 pressings

Here are some live clips of the show; sorry for the poor quality, the acoustics in the bar are obviously poor and these do not do the bands justice but hopefully you can still enjoy what was a truly psychedelic experience


Young Prisms

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